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How does one know about new firmware and driver versions?


I’ve been hard at the day job for a couple/few months and haven’t been here in a while. How does one know whether there are new firmware or driver versions?


you go to “support” in the menu above, then netmf, and there you’ll see the latest SDK. You compare it’s version to that which you have installed. If it’s not the same, there’s a newer one.

There is a current beta of 4.3 out there, so you can almost guarantee two things - there’s something newer than you have (but it’s beta), and there’s something not too far away (although no announced timeframes)


Will all of the current module drivers work with 4.3?


I’d say read the release notes !

The current drivers all need to be recompiled/retargeted to 4.3. There’s at least one of the Seeed drivers that has not been bought forward that I’ve seen in discussions here so far. But even if it hasn’t you can still include the driver manually and it should work.