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How does .NET MF deploy?


How does .NET MF deploy? What I mean is, in the traditional sense .NET requires the runtime to be installed, how does this work with micro devices?

Does it deploy a runtime + app + framework assemblies to the device when you deploy?

Can you build custom .NET MF distro’s that only have the types you’re interested in?


CLR and essential assemblies are already built in the firmware, only your assemblies are deployed.

You can’t change the core but you can add to it.

I am not exactly sure what you are trying to do


Not trying anything just curious. My thoughts were, say I use UART, no SPI, I2C etc surely I could strip them from the firmware/framework?

Obviously with what you’ve said this means custom firmware.


Yes but you will probably never need that. There is more flash then you will probably ever need


That’s true, it was only a thought, remember the section in the tutorial about thinking small :wink: