How does it work?

I’m quite familiar with VS 2008 and C#. I have also programmed AVR & PIC chips in C, but not ARM.

I visited Microsoft’s web site, but am unclear how all this fits together.

(1)Is the framework burned on the chip or downloaded?

(2)How much RAM is free for my program. How much do I need?

(3)How long does it take to transfer a typicall program? Is this done thru hi speed USB?

(4)What is the performance penalty relative to compiled ‘C’ code.
2x, 10x, 50x ?

(5) Is there a JIT compiler or an interpreter?

I do not expect a 6 page answer :slight_smile:
Perhaps someone can guide me to some web pages that go into the nitty details.


Actually the answer will require 6 pages :slight_smile:
We like your questions and added them to FAQ.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

here’s my (2-week in) n00b’s comments.

  1. the .Net Micro framework is “ported” to the chip by GHI, and is loaded as the chip’s firmware. GHI choose what additional services to offer in the firmware, like the one-wire support that they offer and many others don’t.

  2. RAM is a finite resource, as is Flash for application code. This is a small device, but most of the code you leverage is in the framework, therefore not required. You should not find this restrictive. See the FAQ for more info.

  3. not long. it’s a matter of seconds to deploy an app and start debugging it. Seriously fast, as fast as my ATMEGA parallel programmer, if not faster, and certainly much more functional once you try to step thru code!

  4. i’d be surprised if there’s any. In fact, I understand that the process still “compiles” the C# and sends it to the microcontroller,

  5. don’t need it, you’ll just use VS2008 for everything (well almost). You can use the emulator they provide, or debug direct on hardware, and step thru code. Very simple. You’ll love the ability to step back from the depths of AVR/PIC C code and use some high level functions!


Bett, thanks for the answers but can we say it is freakin’ easy? :wink:

oh, and you’ll love it. it’s so Freakin Easy.

(how’s that ? :wink: )

Yes good job :smiley:

I second that.
I’m 4 weeks in and today almost called it the FAD, for Freakin’ Addictive :).

Not only does the previous posts tell you how it works, but we can tell you that above all else, it does work. This chipset looks rock solid.

You guys really need to start selling T-Shirts. You’re getting a cult following here. :slight_smile:

Funny you mention the tshirts! We already made some for us, the GHI team, and we discussed how we can put them out for sale. Expect to see some in future B)