How does a presentation on ".NET Micro Framework and Microcontrollers" sound?

I have some simple questions:

How does a presentation on “.NET Micro Framework and Microcontrollers” sound?

I am the secretary of Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group (GANG) ( We were approached by Charles Stacy Harris of Microsoft on doing this presentation at one of our meetings. It sounds like a great topic and I am just wondering if this outline would interest you?

  1. Definition of embedded systems
  2. Definition of microcontrollers
  3. Positioning of the .NET micro framework
  4. Examples of .NET micro framework devices
  5. Hands-on with the .NET micro framework
  6. Where to get more information
  7. Give-away a Microcontroller board

I would be interested in the Hands-on exhibits.

What else would you like to see in the presentation?

Also, and most important, would you be interested in attend such a presentation?

== About GANG ==

GANG has been actively serving the .NET Developer community in Southeast Michigan since 2001. We are a community of developers interested and active in the development of software implementing the Microsoft .NET framework and associated environment.

As always, meetings are FREE to attend and opened to the public with food, refreshments and door prizes provided.

I am also happy to say our November meeting really rocked by setting an attendance record at 80. What added to the excitement was over $20,000 worth of swag was given away. (I still find it hard to believe we hit that figure two meeting in a row.) The officers have worked very hard to make the User Group experience useful and memorable. This is resonating with the membership and sponsors as shown with the two figures of 80 and $20,000.

I also like to build my LinkedIn network with fellow developers.
If you would like to connect up with me then just click the link below.

I look forward to your feedback on this presentation and hopefully meet you at one of our meetings!

Gerhard Weiss
Secretary at Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group (GANG)
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Hi Gerhard,

I am too far from GANG area, but if I would’ve been closer I would have definitely attended the presentation. I think it would be very interesting for attendees with different levels of experience.

Good luck!

Wow, I think it could be a really nice presentation, even if I’m to far to attend.

I don’t know how GANG set up their meetings, but maybe doing a follow-up meeting with a project presentation done on a NETMF. With more code and more demos. This could keep the NETMF momentum at GANG users going on and maybe this would attract some users to develop their own!

This community members are scattered around the world.

What we can do is show GANG what can they do with NETMF and FEZ and then they will most likely be here on this forum soon.

…be warned, I have been told that FEZ is addicting and a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Sounds cool. I used to roll in that area. I would stay away from powerpoint and get going with the VS and demo (e.g. Box and Hanselman) as soon as possible. Nothing bores a dev crowd more then a good powerpoint. :slight_smile:

I’ve listened to a podcast of Stacey’s before (IIRC it was a dotnetrocks podcast but could have been a Hanselman one) and he has some interesting things in his netmf arsenal

I mentioned the NETMF to the other officers with our Treasurer Chris Roland writing back:

[quote]I would be interested in seeing a presentation and I’m definitely interested in helping drive interest for the .NET Micro Framework in the local area. I actually doing an internal talk at Quicken in the next month on .NET MF and business.

If we do a hands on lab I can bring my Netduino :slight_smile:


I would have to agree and that I am really looking forward to seeing the presentation and demo. We will probably have to send a few people to NETMF Anonymous after the meeting. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you are not in the area and thanks for thinking it was going to be interesting.

Gabriel M
I do like you idea! I proposed a similar idea to the other GANG officers.

[quote]Have one month be the presentation in the main conf room
Have the following month be Hands-On Lab(s) in the second conf room,
which we will encourage people to bring their laptops and microcontroller
I would agree that having a second meeting would keep the momentum going.

I would agree. Less PPT and more HOL (Hands on Labs)

Thanks for the heads up on Stacey’s being on a podcast.
You were correct, it was .NET Rock and he was actually
on two episodes. Here they are:

Stacy Harris Does Home Automation!

.NET in your Car!

@ Gerhard. Interesting. I use Quickbooks a lot. Curious your ideas on how QB and NETMF could be used together? I can see a QB phone app, but think those already exist. I guess you could have a Fez AMP meter on your main that would automatically create an electric Bill in QB monthly. Then could compare that with the actual bill as a double check :slight_smile: