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How do I manage my account on this forum


I can’t figure out how to manage my account on this forum…
There’s no link anywhere and for some reason my name seems to be “7” here…

I’d like to change it.

PS: it would be so cool if the forum was replaced with an implementation of stackexchange (like stackoverflow)


Change display name:

Login here:

After login click “Update account”

Change the last text box with text “Public Name”

Change avatar:


There is an “account management” page that we will be up soon to combine all these.


Thnx :slight_smile:
I’m no longer called 7 now (as I don’t have her nice long legs anyway)


Nice gus :slight_smile:

Great that you got it to work! Even without the nice long legs :wink:


I changed PublicName on but for some reason my name is still “12” on this forum.
I’d like to change it but I can’t figure out how to manage my account…


Yeah I have the same problem, my Public Name on GHI page is Silic0re, for some reason I can’t change it…


Please update your GHI account again. I just made changes and updating should fix it.


I’ve seen browser caching issues cause problems with account stuff not refreshing. Try logging out, clearing your local cache, and logging back in after making a change.


Thanks Josh. :smiley: