How do I join Insider nowdays?

/user/insider isn’t found…

I think that’s one of the things they’re still working on. Maybe in another few days…

link is removed. Insider will be back up in near future.

Guys, my insider membership expired last month. Is there a way to get back in? Is it still an option?

I was able to rejoin after the site was upgraded and my initial membership expired.

Did you click the “how do I join” link? I forgot which page it was, but it asked me to use my points to join.

You should see a link/button on this page. I recently had to renew also and I think this where it was. Of course, it doesn’t show up now that I’m already a member.

OK, I see the page. I got in when the requirements were still being modified last year and now I don’t have enough points for the current requirements. Oh well. I will see ya’ll again when I get bigger. Have fun, I miss you. :slight_smile:

We will look into adding masters option to insider subscription.

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I just need to work harder and contribute more :slight_smile:


Insider has been added to the community menu and a master option enabled.

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Added not ended :slight_smile: