How can I update the "FEZ Spider Mainboard Updater"

After setting up the “GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package”,

how can I update the “FEZ Spider Mainboard Updater”???

what is the location for the Browse to “TinyBooter file” and “firmware” location ???

I have found the “Tinybooter” ordner, but nothing in it.

But in “Firmware” ordner, I saw the “TinyBooter” ordner.

I am condused about it.

Do I need omit the “Step 1”, und go direkt to “Step2” ?

Are you sure everything is installed correctly?

Mine has the path already set for both of those and the locations contained the required files.

When I installed I had the following options ticked. (See picture)


ok, I see, I have also seen the window, when I was setting up the “GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package”.

I think I have ready the updata for my “FEZ spider”.

… I needn’t updata them manually…

The “updates” are found in the GHI folder on your “program files” and also found in the start menu under GHI electronics. Also, they run run automatically when you run the installer. So, anywhere you look you should be able to find them.

Not sure if this helps, but when I first installed, I installed to custom paths, and had a crash somewhere near the end of the process. The window in the image above was showing, but it did not update the board. Attempted this twice.

After Installing to the default paths on the same machine, the update ran perfectly, and flashed my board.

Also as Gus says, you can just browse to the paths if needed.

Please no need for multiple threads, your are giving us more work and confusing yourself