How can I read the something in Excel file from a fixed position to anthor fixed position

I use EMX, I have a excel file (see picture 1) and the excel file is saved in the USB Stick.

I define 4 double/bool array as follow:

        public static bool[] P_RW = new bool[1000];
        public static double[] P_Min = new double[1000];
        public static double[] P_Max = new double[1000];
        public static double[] P_Voreinstellung= new double[1000];

How can I read the content of “column C(D,E,F)” one for one to array P_RW(P_Min,P_Max,P_Voreinstellung)?

I mean I want to initialize the 4 arrays with a excel file in the USB Stick.

That depends on the library you are using to open and read that file format. What do you use for that?

@ Architect -

I have written somecodes for writing and reading some simple text into/from a file

something like as follow:

StreamWriter textFile = new StreamWriter(Parameter.USBCardRootDirectory + @ "\hello.txt");
textFile.WriteLine("Hello USB card");


FileStream fHandle = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
 byte[] data = new byte[fHandle.Length];
fHandle.Read(data, 0, data.Length);

I have used the library “System.IO.StreamWriter” and “System.IO.FileStream”

Does the library have the function for serching a position in a excel file and read the content of Square one by one and save them one by one to a array?

It would be easier to save the file as CSV file and read it line by line.

I agree with Architect.
The newer versions of excel files are really a “zip” file with several xml files embedded. One could extract the xml file that contains the data and then parse that.

Also agree. Don’t try messing with the Excel native files. Too much work.

In a project on big .Net we are using Koogra as an api for excell file. As far as I know there’s no such library on .netmf.

Thank you all of you°!
CSV file works well in my project !

Yep, making it simple at the input solves a lot of issues. Glad you got it working.

the ‘right’ way to to start Excel as an OLE server and ask it to open the file :slight_smile:

but since youre not on Windows, the CSV is a lot betterer

@ Architect -

Yep, making it simple at the input solves a lot of issues. …

That is the wav my old brain likes it too…