How can I hook up the onboard buttons for the FEZ Raptor Reset/LDR1/LDR0

Hello, I just received my brand new FEZ Raptor and I’m now trying to avoid the RESET button to RESET the board, and also trying to hook up some interrupts on these buttons (LDR 0/1 + RESET) for a new behavior.

Could anyone please help with some guide to achieve this?


Welcome HABOT to the community.

You’re out of luck on Reset. It’s tied to the reset pin on the device. The only way would be to void your warranty and cut a track - it’d also be a risky thing that I wouldn’t do.

Is there a reason you want to do this ? I’d opt for a different solution - wire up some buttons myself !

LDR0/1 may already be interrupt capable so you can try that - but remember that you can’t use them in the early boot stages as they have specific function before netmf is in control - so again it might just be simpler to find another way of achieving what you need.

Hello Brett and thanks for your answer!

Well, this is a little sad :wall: . The reason for this is because I don’t want an obvious and highlighted way to reboot my device once it is finished as a product.

It will have a box but the button label is pretty obvious unless they become glued or cover with something again glued to avoid curious hands to push them at all!

By now I’ve understood so I will find a workaround to get what I need. Anyway I’m in love with my FEZ Raptor!!

Thank you very much!

Of course, but I’d be better if you are free to implement your own reset mechanism, for instance…, by pressing the button for at least 5 seconds and the reset occurs, or maybe by creating a custom button pressing combination (like Ctrl + Alt + Del) not just by pressing the reset button intentionally or by mistake.

If you just want to stop them from being used, do the simplest thing - unsolder the buttons.

Or build a Perspex case / shield to sit in front of it so people can’t press them.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario. You want to stop visitors to a display from pressing a button to reset your device. You mount the board behind a Perspex shield so they can still see the mainboard but not press stuff. They see a wire running from your power supply to the board. What do they do next…

Thank you brett, and definitely yes…, the last option for someone looking for trouble is to pull off the cable and disconnect the device, but this could be the same as disconnecting a security camera.

I decided to do something similar as I depicted in the attached image.

Thank you!

i’m sure GHI will consider implementing such feature if enough demand exists…please head to TASK Tracker and fill out the form…

bring out the reset button event to NETMF… where one would interrupt the reset in code…