How can I define a Muti Chipselect for the SPI of FEZ Spider?

I have tried the SPI of FEZ Spider onlx with a Chipselect.

Can the SPI of FEZ Spide work only with a Chipselect Pin?

If I want more Chipselcts for a SPI, how can I define it?

@ workhard10,

Just define free pin(s) as output(s) and turn them on and off as required.

But you will need to remove the CS pin defined in your constructor.

I thought this was explained in the SPI tutorial IIRC

@ GUS,

Is this what you are refering to?

Yes it is there, multiple devices

Isn’t that handled nicely with the new Gadgeer SPI driver?
If i’m not mistaken then you can create multiple SPI objects, using the same hardware SPI with each SPI object having it’s own CS pin.

It should be, that’s how SPI works, is my understanding.