How Can I Control This Proportional Valve?

I purchased a proportional valve w/o the control board in hopes that I can save $200 and control the valve with my Panda II and a pwm motor controller. I’m a bit worried I might toast the valve or something and thought I would see if anyone has any recommendations, given the specs of the valve, the commercial control board and the pwm motor controller i’m about to use instead. My main concern is that I really don’t know what i’m doing andI will pump to many amps into the valve, creating smoke. Any cautions, warnings or prophecies are welcome.

The valve is a Nano 12V from IQ, ( ). At 12 Volts the valve will take 90mA current, 1 watt. PWM at greater than 250 Hz can be used to control the valve.

Here’s the commercial board specs:

I plan to try this cheap SparkFun motor controller in place of the board, hooking up 12 VDC and controlling with Panda’s PWM:

Here is somebody doing it from Arduino.You might get some details there. I also have seen some interesting links in google.