How can I connect the "no.ip" to the webserver in Cobra

I have written a simple webserver in Cobra on the basis of Wouter’s example Link:, and I can run my webserver, if I type the IP of Cobra in a webbrowser, but it works only in a internal lokal network.

I want to connect “no.ip” to the webserver of Cobra. the link of no.ip

I want to access the webserver in a external network, if I type a Domain in the webbrowser.

Can you give me some suggestion?

You need to point no-ip to the public address of your router.

Then you need to set up a port forwarding rule on the router to forward all TCPIP traffic for a spesific port to the internal IP of your Cobra.

This is how my web site, works.

I’ve set up my adsl router to update DNSexit with it’s IP everytime it changes. This means that when you access you actually access my router. The router then had a port forwarding rule set up to forward all traffic on port 80 to my server that is actually on which you can’t access directly from the internet.

Just note that some routers won’t forward traffic from the private network to the server. With my previous router I would access my server with only from outside the network, from inside the network it would take me to the router’s setup page.

I’m assuming that your network is similar to mine. Maybe you must explain what your network looks like. :slight_smile:

@ GMod(Errol) -

Hi Errol, thank you for your answer!

I have registed a no-ip free Host Account, “” and forward ports(80 to 100) for the my router “FRITZ 7390”.

I have done everything like the Guide for my router “FRITZ 7390” (Guide Link

but the “Open Port Check” is not successful, I don’t know why, can you help me?

I give you some shortscreen about my “router” and “No-IP DUC”.

On the router where you tell it to route to port 100 you should put the IP of your cobra, not your external IP address.

This will tell the router that all access to it’s port 80 on IP should be routed to port 100 on IP what ever your cobra is).

Also, is your webserver on the cobra set up on port 100?

You can keep the cobra on port 80 and tell the router to route all traffic on it’s port 80 to the cobra’s port 80, but the IP must either way be changed to the cobra’s IP.

@ GMod(Errol) -

I have changed the set as you said, now the “” is successful!!! thank you!!

The webserver on my Cobra set up on port 80, and the IP of my Cobra is “”

I have used the “Webserver class” of WouterH (Link

I have programmed 2 html files for webpage, if I type “” or “” in webbrowser, I can see the webpags in internal network. (see picture)

How can I use my Domain “” to see the webpags(html files) of my webserver from external/internal network?

Accessing this from internal with the domain name is dependent on the router. As I said, my previous router could not do that, and I spoke to it’s support people and they where not helpful. I had to load a custom linux based firmware on my current router to get it to work.

But it does work from the outside. I get this when I access

[quote]they are 8 temperature values
T1:13 T2:93
T3:61 T4:40
T5:96 T6:50
T7:57 T8:85

01/01/2009 00:46:27[/quote]

And this for /network

[quote]this page will be refreshed every 1 second

T1: 9
T2: 17
T3: 56
T4: 6
T5: 63
T6: 17
T7: 67
T8: 17
dataTime: ~dataTime~

@ GMod(Errol) -

I have tried in my office, I can also see the links in my local network, if I type "" and "".

thank you for help!!!