How about NETMF on this $10 board

I was looking at Amazon today when this popped up:

This looks like it has the same processor (but larger flash) that is on one of the older products from the blue board company plus a Wi-Fi chipset from Broadcom that looks pretty complete. Since it doesn’t appear that this would be a really simple project, I didn’t rush to order one (that and I have 8 Cobra II Nets sitting waiting for me to do something with them). Probably porting to it will be easier to do when 4.4 comes out. The power numbers they are talking about indicate it might even be suitable for battery powered nodes.

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AFAIK the memory (Flash/RAM) available for user applications may not be enough for NETMF.

You can say the name, we don’t censor you guys that way. ;D

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Big Blue?

@ suitable1 - SecretLabs

And here I thought IBM was going to put a 360 on a chip. Problem might be how to attach the card reader.

@ Frogmore - well, it is great to see hardware like this popping up now. That CPU would support .netmf. The firmware would be easy, except for the wifi. The driver would need to be integrated into the firmware and that is likely not as easy. IMO, we need Microsoft to support several reference wifi options in the porting kit. I’ve asked for this in the past. If we had such support, this module would work. And others would as well. I strongly believe that .netmf could be a big player in IoT, but without good wifi drivers, it’s dead in the water.

We need good, low cost hardware and drivers with robust pairing options, https, local name resolution, and alljoyn. And an integrated web server would be nice. IMHO

Why don’t we build our own then? Oops but it would have to sell for $50 dollars, because anything lower would be just CRAZY

Old stuff like that is usually PTH :wink: