Hot air re-work of flexible circuits

Anyone done any hot air rework of flexible circuits before?

I have an LCD with touch panel where the LCD works but I get no reply from the touch controller over I2C. The power is OK and I can see the I2C bus signals on the test points. All the other panels works so it’s not a code or connection issue.

I was thinking of doing a quick hot air rework on the IC"s on the flex but wondering what sort of temperature setting I should use?

A quick Google search hasn’t really found anything useful and thought I would ask the collective minds in here.

It depends on the type of adhesive used according to this:

102C or 120C

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@ Dave McLaughlin - DIY Flexible PCBs on 3D printer


Interesting DIY glass PCB board:

The end result is pretty neat but way too much time messing around for me these days and I still remember the mess that Ferric Chloride makes and the hassle in disposing of it.

I prefer the click and order from DFRobot :stuck_out_tongue:


Could not agree more, Dave.

With the number of options for hobbyist PCB manufacture today, the only advantage to this kind of thing is if you REALLY need something immediately.