Hooking up the Cerb40

Check this out (attached image),

how’s that for hooking up the Cerb40. Well it’s 3.3v regulated, right? :slight_smile:

I know, I know… My new soldering iron and 0.5mm tin arrives in two days.

my only concern would be soldering onto the board might not be a good idea to do/undo regularly, which is why I like the socketed approach.

I wouldn’t take that to the moon… :wink:

You bet, I got some 40-pin header sockets coming too, absolutely the best way.


I do get to wonder, though, if not the chip on the Cerb40 actually has the same CPU power or greater as the first moon lander. It most likely does.

Come on son where’s your bottle, they sent them up in little more than tin cans and that wiring looks Nasa/MIL spec from the 60’s :smiley:

@ harleydk - Apollo Guidance Computer - Wikipedia

Great read!

Your average pocket calculator has as much computing power as the AGC…

Yea, I read the wikipedia article - it’s simply amazing what they did back then. That memory-on-a-rope is particularly inventive, I thought; it’s memory, on a rope!