Honeywell HMC6343 Fez.Spider and WinForm

I have posted some code that you can use with the Fez.Spider if you have a Honeywell HMC6343 3Axis compass.

I do not know why but all you can do is download the zip file but you cannot browse the code?

Because exe files are not allowed the windows form will need to be rebuilt. (I used Visual C# Express). The windows form contains two user controls.
One for the serial port and one for the graphic display of the compass readings. To save you grief, build the two user controls FIRST and THEN build the form.
The user controls are ClassRotator and ClassSerial.

ClassSerial user control uses code by…

  • Original source code from author
  • Project: SerialPort Terminal
  • Company: Coad .NET, http: //
  • Author: Noah Coad, http: //
  • Created: March 2005
    His copyright notice is at the top of the code file UserControlSerial.cs

The rest of the code is mine.

Have fun!

This is created automatically but thanks for sharing :slight_smile: