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This is something I’d love to get involved with. (And it might link nicely with micro framework stuff too)

I already have 2 cameras at home connected to my NAS and the ability to be able to write my own home security systems would be great.



That looks interesting. I think .NetMF devices would fit perfectly into place with this.


Hmm… That is very interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing.


It uses Z-Wave for wireless communication with sensors and controllers. Zigbee is not on the list so maybe in future or we should think of using Z-Wave with our FEZ based devices.


It is already easy to do all this with NETMF. and you are not depending on a PC.


True but maybe this HomeOS will bring more users/developer to the table. People that expect even higher level of hardware abstraction then NET MF offers. I think that if this project kicks off people will start buying Z-wave based devices in order to control them using their HomeOS. So maybe we should focus on developing such devices. Or maybe they will also think about Zigbee so that we can use our current expirience. A don’t recall seing any Z-Wave demos for NET MF, do you?


Thought I’d share this with you guys/gals:

I’ve been looking at creating a controller using a FEZ device and a Leviton VRCOP-1LW. The Leviton VRCOP-1LW is an ASCII RS-232 interface to Z-Wave devices.

Here is a link to a PDF that’ll get you started with it communication protocol:

Just haven’t had enough time to get a working demo yet.


Streaming multiple video sources to many devices might be a bit tasking from any currently available NETMF device. I think NETMF devices will complement this very well but to get the full benefits it looks like there will need to be a little more horsepower somewhere. Of course, this part of it could be offloaded to the cloud rather than an always on PC.


@ ianlee74: Streaming multiple video sources to many devices might be a bit tasking from any currently available NETMF device…

Not really, since the NETMF device will only play coordinator, and not the actual one doing the steaming…remember most of the Camera’s are IP Cameras… so the NETMF will only link your device to that Camera’s IP address and boom you’re streaming video…

at least that’s how I’m planing on doing it…


@ Jay - you’re right, that should work well for a home security system where you only have one or two users. Let us know how it works out.