HomeOS + LabOfThings + Gadgeteer



Interesting because they mention Gadgeteer as a part of the connected solution…


I’ve been watching this one for awhile and some of the stuff is starting to surface which is interesting as really this is an area that somewhat a blank slate as far as technology goes, so their are opportunities galore here. Now I think that this is important even if you only consider optimization of resource usage, so worth keeping an eye on this as heck ya there is a Gadgeteer component to this.

I wonder if Microsoft will make HomeOS available more folks seems to be limited to universities right now I would love to play with this. The video demo has a windows phone App that connects to the HomeOS as well looks cool

Home OS and LOT has a HUGE potential. I hope they can make it genreally available to play with.

I was hoping to use Home Server for data collection, processing and control of connected devices, being it was a computer that I could count on being on all the time, and with connected access etc. Now perhaps someday Home OS will fill some of the gap left by the departure of Home Server.

I haven’t had time to look at this, but the first thing I will be checking for is an on-premise / off-premise solution with a seamless transition and message broker.

Meaning, HomeOS should be what the in-home (on-premise) devices should be communicating with, and should not rely on external services (think, internet down, cant open your front door!). However, assuming internet connection is good, the external “service” also needs to be fully aware (in sync) of everything that is going on, so external clients can listen and respond.

HomeOS and Lab of Things are still under active development/research. Anybody here experiment with them in the last year?