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For my school project, i need to control some electrical plug with RF (433 MHz, AM). The plug controlled is brand Chacon.

I must use a Cerbuino Bee card and i need(to control the plug) respect a signal protocol(homeeasyhacking.wikia.com/wiki/Advanced_Protocol)
with very short pulse(in order of one hundred microseconds).

But i can’t find a solution to do this.

I can’t use Thread.Sleep() function because the parameter is a int and we can’t specify a microsecond time.

The SignalGenerator class seems the good solution but it is just available for Premium card.

My final solution is to use GT.Timer class with a TimeSpan interval (with ticks parameter) but as soon as I put a ticks
number smaller than a millisecond, the function handlered(?, sorry for my english i eat some bread) works only once.

So my question is how to create this signal with a CerbuinoBee, is it at least possible?

check code share…