Home Automation

Hello i got my Fez Cobra and some sensors. I am making a new topic here in the project section.

I am messing around with the sensors doing examples etc.

I have a question. When i want to upload values of temperature , humidity and other data on a website that i will make (mysql/php or ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET dunno yet) what method on NETMF do i have to use? I suppose i will use ethernet for the transfer.

any ideas?

You can use raw tcp sockets or better use http class

WebRequest is easy to use. Check the following article on Wiki

Did anyone use a camera on Cobra?

I want to get a servo motor and plug a camera on it to monitor outside of the house and control it through cobra. any thoughts?

so any ideas about what to use?

Will cobra be able store/buffer any video? Or if it can’t video, at least image every 1sec or w/e?

You can use an IP camera…or wifi camera

See this old video (you will not use PPP but the camera code will work the same way) microframeworkprojects.com

thanks i will check it.
i already have an unused network camera (Vivotek 3122) so i will give it a try…