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Home automation using Twitter with FEZ Domino and Ethernet Shield



I did a project that does home automation using “Twitter”, Domino and Ethernet Shield.

Here is my video demo

Sorry, but I have only the video in Portuguese (because I’m from Brazil),
Soon be posting a video here and in English with subtitles.

It was also used resources of the MicroSD.

Any questions, I’ll be happy to share ideas.


There is code up on the projects site with an example using basic authentication which twitter no longer supports. Are you going to post your twitter code? I would love to see it.



Please share the code! 8)

Either on (link removed) or (link removed)


EricM: While the “Basic Authentication” was allowed, the communication was direct,

But when the “Basic authentication” was not supported anymore, I stopped using.
There is the option of using “xauth” but for this you must ask permission to the Twitter team.
My solution was to use a “WebService” external, then my project communicates with the “WebService” who used “OAuth” and this gets the messages from Twitter.

Foekie: Soon I will be posting the source code

–Thanks for the interest =)


Very nice 8). How hard was it to implement that? It looks a complicated application.


Cam you make the same video but keep all your devices away from anu pc? Basically to show how you ate doing it all automated and pc is connected.

You do not need to say anything in the video. It is so sweet you can just show the parts and what is going on. It explains itself.

I have 500 experince points ready for you when you share your code. Very nice work :slight_smile:


Mr Gadotti is my Orientating here in the College :slight_smile:

It is a excelent student!

He must first to defend the final work!

I presented him the GHI products :slight_smile:



Thank you very much Miguel :slight_smile:


tell us more about how you used Twitter here - looks cool !