Home Automation finally going mainstream?

AT&T offers home automation to the masses:


The traditional security package, but now with home automation options.

@ Duke Nukem - And all for only one low monthly payment (equipment additional).

I know we’re not the target audience, but I’ll pass on paying someone a monthly fee to automate my home. :slight_smile:

Definitely interesting to see this go mainstream. Now there’s a good reason for someone from our merry band of misfits to build a better version and undercut the big boys on price.

I can’t see why there is a monthly fee other than to skim the owner.

It would be good to see a system that does not require a degree in computer science to look after.

I have a Homeseer based design with a mixture of home build controllers and Android touch screens. It’s great when it works but SWMBO has a wee grumble now and again when it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and this usually happens when I am not at home. She is fine with the idea as long as it works. It’s quite amusing but the part that usually falls over is the parts I purchased and not the parts I built myself. They have been working faultlessly for years now, even the latest .NETMF device is now working nice and stable. :slight_smile:

Just putting the finishing touches to the alarm system. Cobra 2 based with finger print and all tied into the automation system. Once everyone is logged out, it alerts Homeseer of this and it enters and alarm mode where certain events don’t trigger. When you come home and it is night time, the entry light comes on. Once you deactivate the alarm system the rest of the lights come on. :slight_smile:

@ andre.m - My question to AT&T (or anyone else offering this services) would be…if my house is burglarlized (or flooded, or subject to any of the other hazards against which I’m trying to be protected), will you replace my belongings? If the answer is no, then the monitoring is pointless, as it will only tell me something has happened when it’s already too late.

For flood monitoring, I have a trio of Leak Frogs that I bought cheap on Woot.com. No, they won’t do me any good if we’re on vacation, but then we have a floor drain in the basement, so there’s little downside risk here (we had a pipe break one winter, and we definitely had some standing water, but the worst of it went down the drain, so thankfully very little was ruined).

I get that people like to have the comfort of “monitoring” but as with alarm systems that include monthly fees, I personally don’t think the value being provided remotely matches the long-term costs.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I’ve been using HomeSeer in my home for more than 4 years, and it has been very stable and reliable. I only use it to control lights and the HVAC system, and to simulate “at home” when I’m away from home. I initially had a problem when using Z wave devices, but I replaced those with Insteon devices, and haven’t had a problem since. However, I also want to replace it with my own NETMF based hardware and software… eventually I’ll get there. Your system sounds impressive! Good job!

@ Duke Nukem - My cable company, Verizon FIOS, has been offering a similar system for a couple of years, but they also charge a monthly fee. Some of the alarm monitoring companies offer home automation along with their security systems.

Monitoring/Alarms != Insurance

Monitoring/Alarms == Deterrence

The second biggest (perceived?) benefit of monitoring may lead to suspect apprehension.

If it’s deterrence you want, just buy the “protected by xxx” signs. They’re cheap. The burglar can’t see the actual security system.

They are simply playing catch up with Xfinity (still Comcast in many areas). XFinity started offering this package about 6-8 months ago, but have not bothered to stop wanting to make my own instead :wink:

The burglary aspect I completely agree with, however, I was living in Garden City, Mi a few years ago and we had heavy rainstorms to the point where water was coming up from the drain into our basement. We had about 7 feet of water in our basement (it was touching the 12" drop ceiling) and we lost everything we had down there (it would kill you if I were to honestly tell you how many electronic parts I had there as my basement was my work station).

Not promoting their services, but I do wish I had the flood monitoring part of the service that night lol.

Yep its going mainstream as even Staples is getting into the game:


[quote]What is Staples Connect?

The universal way to connect your home.

With Staples Connect and any smartphone, tablet or PC, you have the freedom to control remotely all of your favorite brands of enabled devices with one easy-to-use app. Plus, they can communicate with each other for a wholly integrated and automated home.


Coming in November!