Hollow Electronics

I wanted to see if it was feasible to turn a pbx phone into an IPBX phone by obtaining a handset that had not electronics in it and dropping in something custom (just the practicality of it I’m not actually building one), however I could not find any “hollow” handsets.

In retrospect I suppose that before Fezes were invented by GHI, no one had reason to sell just the plastic parts, but now with Gadgeteer and the potential ability of the end user to build the circuit boards and program the electronics themselves the question is:

Now in the decade of the .NETMF and Adrunio, is it practical to build and sell electronic item enclosures rather than the entire device itself?

I have a music keyboard that I would like to do the same to.

You can offer and sell anything as long as there is a demand for it. I would probably not buy “hollow electronics”. Recycle existing devices - there are tons of them on various craigslist and such.

Some of the “recycled” stuff sell for almost as much as the new ones! I figured that there must be a factory somewhere that’s making these enclosures; why not buy directly from them. I guess that’s not how electronics works.

Of course you only get an item if it makes sense. There are free ones too - freecycle.org

On a similar note, I’ve searched everywhere and have been watching eBay for either a “hollow” or not-working R/C helicopter remote with a spot for an LCD. Apparently, R/C folks build their own planes but only the crazy ones want to build their own remotes…

@ ianlee, yea why is that? I mean I don’t understand how you could be so dedicated that you build your own f22 raptor model with real working engines, but still use a generic remote. Why aren’t these guys programming their own remote control systems?

Beats me. I guess for the traditional R/C enthusiasts the beauty is in how the plane looks and flies and not HOW it flies. :think:

Of course, I can also understand the thinking behind using a tried and hardened avionics system after all the time & money they spend on some of the planes/copters. But, you would think there would be a small group out there that want to build it all…

When I get my cnc mill operating, One of the things I intend to build is an RC plane. And I’m going to fly it with WIFI N, with a Gopro video link behind my 42 inch tv.

Maybe I can fly it from my PC also if you stream the video :wink:

That would be theoretically possible.

Until you get out of range for WiFi-N. Which in an R/C plane would take about 5 seconds :wink:

Nah, planning to use tracked directional antennas to extend the line of sight range over kilometers.