Hobby King WiFi Receiver

Nice price at ~$35. Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking

Interesting. It sounds like it doesn’t connect to an existing WiFi network but instead creates it’s own and then your app pairs with it. The protocol appears to be custom as well. So, from a NETMF point of view this doesn’t seem like a very fun toy to have given the other options. For controlling from iPhone & Android it will be lots of fun though.

@ ianlee74- you can use you .netmf wi-fi to connect to it and control it.

Since it replaces a RC receiver, the output must be PWM?


Of course. My point, though, was that there are much better & cheaper wireless solutions for NETMF that I would probably use before messing with WiFi. But since these options aren’t available for most smartphones this makes perfect sense for them.

The Nordic modules must have this beat, except maybe for range? An XBee must certainly have it beat.

Max range on the HK WiFi for aircraft is 120m (half that for ground vehicles). Max range for a nRF24L01+ is around 150m.

Yea, the pro models are good for miles.

This is what i used for a TX/RC for my control stuff.
2.4Ghz DSSS technology, 1500m for $28.95 and that is the total for both RX & TX modules.


@ jdal - Have you tried controlling that TX with a NETMF board?

@ ianlee74- no i have not touched anything .netmf in months. Waiting for most of the dust to settle first.
I have used an Atmega88 to do it though.
Whats nice about it is that its a 8ch receiver. So what i did was write some code to format the PWM signal in a way where i can transmit data instead of PWM signals to the other side.
1.0ms = 0
1.5ms = mark (has multiple meanings like start/stop,
2.0ms = 1

you can do this for all 8 channels from the TX card.

Then on the receiver end you just reconvert those back to binary to get numbers. ot just simple on/off control.

For the cost and range its hard to beat let alone controlling 8 things.

That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve been using XBee primarily because I already had them but I like the idea of being compatible with standard R/C remotes plus the range is really nice w/o the added cost of buying the pro XBee modules.