Hints on memory leak (BINARY_BLOB_HEAD)


I have a memory leak in one of my applications and from inspecting GC output i can see that its
thats growing steadily.

I’m gonna strip my application piece by piece to see if I can find whats causing this, but I’m wondering if anyone here has any hints about
what leaking to BINARY_BLOB_HEAD is usually a sign of, and point me in the right direction.


Do you use any serial ports?

@ Gus -
I use SPI for ethernet and UART for communicating with radio device…

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the area of my code thats doing Http communication but not sure yet.

I have seen it many times where the code doesn’t read the entire UART receive buffer in the event handler. HTTP is another possibility as well.

I found the leak but I found the result to be interesting enough to start a new thread about it: