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High speed serial comunication with HX711


I need to comunicate with chip HX711, i have to make a comunication like image attached.
Some ideas, that’s because times shorter than 1 ms are not possibile with thread sleep.


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that looks like SPI data. Yep, no question, SPI


Any reason for very high speed? I’ve used the HX711 for a set of scales for a gas bottle and poll it around once per second and get very good resolution out of it. I can read to 1 gram with a 20kg load cell.


You have right, I’ve tried to increase time for reading ad it works very good.
Increasing read per second sometimes get a wrong result because some bits is transferred to another string.
I’m using all 1ms sleep.
So actually no problem for that.


Are you using hardware SPI for that? You should be able to read that very quickly.

Not understanding this, if you are using SPI to read, bits should “not get transferred to another string”

You should be able to read incredibly fast using SPI, millions of bits per second.

If you try to handle the clock in software… not so much.