Hidden SSID?

I’m going to try some exploring on this, but I have an existing customer base that wants to change their SSIDs from visible to hidden. Doing that drops the redpine modules from the router. Does anyone out there remember if they could get a redpine module with GHI’s library to connect to a hidden ssid? I’m not debating the merits of it, I’m just trying to fix it.


Yes, you can connect to a hidden SSID with a redpine module. Now the question is can you connect to a pair of access points that have the same SSID, but are not broadcasting that SSID? The redpine library calls for .join() fail if there are more than 1 AP with that SSID, broadcasting or not. You have to use the join() call that includes the mac address of the AP, but getting that MAC address is a problem when the APs don’t show up in a scan.

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