Hidden ssid for atwinc1500?

I figured this out for the old RedPine wifi modules, but the new atwinc wifi modules are less documented. Can anyone get an atwinc wifi module to connect to a hidden ssid? I’m having no success. The redpine modules had an option of connecting to a specific mac address, but I’m not seeing anything like that in the atwinc tutorial or the library calls.

Is there anyone out there that can help prior to having to move on to non-ghi options?

Arduino talking to atwinc can connect to a hidden ssid. GHI’s atwinc library results in an argument exception when you call networkcontroller.enable(). There’s no particulars about what happened beyond that.

So you put in the ssid and password of the hidden network into your wifi settings, set it as a station and it fails to connect?

Have you tested your module on a non-hidden SSID to make sure that your wiring and software is right?

Yes, the calls to connect to a visible SSID seem to fail with a hidden SSID. Same settings otherwise. The arduino with an atwinc can connect to the visible or hidden SSID on the same router.

Which firmware version is your module? for sure and I think 19.5.4 too.

I have found that 19.6.1 has a lot of unexplained issues that 19.5.4 doesn’t have. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of them - see this post.

I’m saying this as a commercial customer of GHI for 10 years. It’s unfortunate that this is the level of support I have come to expect. I have a simple question that can be answered quickly with your example code. Instead, it’s been a month and a half.

I’m going to keep trying things at random to get GHI’s software to work, but GHI needs to ask itself why a commercial customer would be interested in this approach or level of support. I’ve got products coming up that include sitcore modules, and I am very much questioning why.

Have you called them on the telephone?

Have you opened an issue on Github?

In your posts I see no direct request to GHI for assistance.

It’s not like I posted on their forum in a specific section asking a specific question about their product. Who do you think I was asking for help here? Apple? Google?

Thanks for helping with the topic at hand.

to be frank, this is a community forum here, albeit managed and funded by GHI, and the helpful forum members helped to the best of their ability. Yes, some GHI people spend time here, and yes they often respond to threads, but this isn’t the onlychannel for a commercial customer and probably isn’t the right channel for you to air your frustrations. And it certainly isn’t the right channel to get arduino assistance :wink:
Plus, it’s the thanksgiving week in the US so there’s a chance that holidays is causing disruption.
If I was in your position I’d be trying a phone call to the GHI team as soon as possible and see if they can formally assist.


Completely understand how frustrating these kinds of things can be, I’m fortunately semi-retired now, but have my own share of product development snafu horror stories. Still, it’s better to reach out directly to them than hope one of them is lurking out here (I get the sense that they’re presently on a death-march getting ready to deliver something…)

Phone: +1 (248) 397-8856
Fax: +1 (248) 397-8890
Also: Support@ghiElectronics.com

We have not heard from Gus for a while. I would assume that he is on vacation or has been abducted by extraterrestrials.


Hi, confirm that it doesn’t work with hidden SSID. We will take a look on next release.

Hi, currently SITCore doesn’t support connecting to hidden SSID.

Will GHI put that functionality in place? The atwinc can do it, but the ghi driver for it doesn’t provide access.

could you tell me that atwincXXX you are using please? ar they atwinc1500 or atwinc3400, atwinc1510 please?

I’m still trying to use the atwinc1500.

Do you know what version on it please? The thing is we look at the native driver and we don’t see any function or a way to connect to hidden ssid, I am thinking AT use different driver.

19.5.4 & 19.6.1. I’m using what works with the sitcore library.