Hi, so nice to see so many familiar names still on this forum

Hi all

I must apologize… It’s been a long time since my last confession. :wink: I used to frequent this forum almost on a daily basis till about two years ago but then kinda got a bit disillusioned when Medusa and Gadgeteer got abandoned. Used to love those boards. So I started to apostate to alternatives like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

But I still loved this forum and found the discussions here interesting and considered the members more like friends. Have not yet found a similar good discussion forum anywhere else.

Just wanted to say its cool to see so many of the old names still around. I will try to pop back in more regularly in future.

Bye for now.


@ KiwiSaner - Welcome back! I know exactly what you’re talking about. And if I must make a confession then its that I probably haven’t written any new NETMF code in the past year. With the death of Gadgeteer, open source GHI NETMF, and the growth of Windows IoT Core, I’ve just had a lot more interesting things to play with. However, I’m still here almost every day just to keep tabs on everyone and see where things are going. Currently, I’m working on a plan to introduce the new GHI goods (Octavo) into my life just so I have a justification for all this time spent here :smiley:

@ KiwiSaner - Ah the prodigal son returns! Let us slay the fatted calf, and feast!

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@ KiwiSaner - Welcome back!

Sometimes you just have to visit and read what is going on. I spent tons of time here so it sort of feels like home.