Hi Impressive Sale of products

Dear all,

DFRobot has launched a sale for a series of Gadgeteer products, all drivers devs are much appreciated to share their code. If anyone know where to find some compatible drivers, please let me know.



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Hi Dave,

Sorry but it seems that I can’t answer you either. I’m actually quite interested on all the projects. But point taken.

I’ll guess i wait until i get some project posts done my self. :think:

Don’t worry. If you are genuine then just be patient and you’ll get the points and if someone sees the link and they don’t see it as spam, they will re-post it for you.

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks Dave!!

Was looking forward to get a message out for dukenukem :whistle:

I’ll be patient :snooty:

DFR’s cart isn’t taking their discounted price into consideration. ShieldJ can you get the back room team to fix it ? :wink:

I have a couple of drivers for the OLED 2864 and SD2405 modules (including SD2405 alarm, frequency and countdown functions) that I have been playing around with.

They need a bit of tidying up before I post them though.

I’m not seeing any indication of sale prices, but I do like some of those modules.

The JST connector module appears to be just like the discontinued GHI module that allowed connecting of E-Block sensors, LEDs, etc. to Gadgeteer. I already own a couple of those, but for folks who have one or more E-Blocks laying around, that might be a good way to re-use some of those components.

The DTMF and Servo modules also look interesting.

I have a couple of drivers here


Lots of room to add more however.

@ andre.m - point taken, that’s the plan. I see dukenukem repo, perhaps if i figure out how to work it out, I could try to add other packages there? That’s probably a lot more helpful. As I’ve seen the oled driver somewhere (not sure where), but not on dukenukem repo.

Done :dance:

very interesting to try this, did I see a post with a link to the drivers? perhaps i can test them on my box.

I’m quite looking forward the DTMF as well, however I don’t know if a common landline input would do. I’m not good with radio stuff, so would be a challenge to know if the DTMF codes are getting through to the module or not. However for a bot that can be controlled through a phone call seems quite a lot of fun.I got a SIM card around waiting to be used… but gotta focus on the OLED.

I saw some of the products have a Sale icon and some not. However many of them have discounted prices. It’s a work in progress, so give it a few days…

Is it possible to join the group and help post more community drivers? Would be a lot easier to have them all at one place… I’m asking, but I have not used codeplex yet. Perhaps this is not possible. Would be great if contributions are all in one place for others to find and contribute. Thank’s a lot for the effort!!

@ ShieldJ no problem joining the group, I’ve posted a ‘ad’ for folks to join up or if you send me your User ID on Codeplex I’ll add you to the developer list.

mcneillb at zingpow.ca

I can help you with building drivers and codeplex (or perhaps more accurately I can help you muddle through it).

the $5.05 prices on the two LCD modules have disappeared now. Oh well.

Looks like the changes in the latest SDK have rendered the drives useless for the time being! :-[

I currently get text so small you need a magnifying glass to read it and increasing font size appears to give you two bitmaps side by side. I think it’s related to this https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=17180&page=1#msg170925

as my N18 display on another project also displays similar results. Once this is resolved I’ll put the OLED2864 driver in codeshare.

@ Sprigo - Haha, cool. funny results. I’ll have the magnifier nearby in case. But it’s looking quite good already. :clap:

@ Sprigo - There is an issue that affects the DisplayN18 on non-cerb boards in the latest SDK: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=17180

@ John - Yeah I’d seen the other thread and believed this issue was related.

@ Sprigo - Opps, looks like I completely read past you linking that originally.