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Hi Guy`s



As a new member of this forum i like to propose myself.

I am Marko 23 years old, and live in The Nederlands.
My intrest in electronics started at a young age and it continu`s to grow.

As a daily job i run my own Sound & Light Rental company witch i started beginning 2010.
before that i worked at events, concerts enz. witch i realy enjoyed.

A couple of month`s ago a friend of mine ( who is active at this forum to ) “Foekie” told me about FEZ and showed me some of his projects and that realy drew my attention.

I realy wanted to know more about it and start reading.
Now a couple of months later i orderd my first FEZ Domino board included starterkit + FEZ Relay and the LCD & Keypad shield and im hoping that i will have a lot of fun with it.

Greetz Marko


Welcome to the community Marko. I am sure you will love your FEZ and you will love the welcoming community we have here.

We are all waiting to see what amazing projects you will be making with your FEZ


big Welcome Marko, from here in Australia!


Welcome marko nice to have you here.


Hello Marko.

Ook een hartelijke welkom van huit het natte kikkerlandje Nederland.

Also a warm welcome from the wet Netherlands.


Hello Marko,

A big welcome from Trinidad and Tobago


Thnx for the warm welcome :smiley:
But im of now, the cold coronas are waiting :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Marko, finally arrived at FEZ ;D


Yes!!:smiley: i found my way haha :stuck_out_tongue:
now waiting for my domino enz (A)


You will have to wait a bit then :stuck_out_tongue:


:’( :’(


The order has been placed :wink: