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Hi Everyone



Hi Gary :wink:




@ Gary -

Hi Gary… It’s been awhile!


Hurry up GHI with the new forum. Gary is going senile without his daily upside down postings. :whistle:


Hi Gary, nice to meet you!




[quote=“JohnGarrett”]Hi Gary, nice to meet you![/quote] Hey John, the pleasure is all ours.


@ Gary - Was this a post that is syncing from the new forum software?


@ Mr. John Smith - Nope, I am literally just saying “Hi” to everyone.


Just like the good night scenes on The Walton’s. :whistle:


I think Gary must of gone through that corporate training, where they asked you to say hello when you hear hi, and vise Vera, a trick to keep you awake and engaged :slight_smile:

So to Gary: hello