HEY, mind the hiatus

hey guys, ive been gone for quite a while. I’m not dead or anything. I have been fairly busy in life. Looking at the catalog I see a g30 which I don’t remember and a few new boards. how have things been? Architect still around? Community growing or shrinking? Ive still been doing computer stuff, just not with the products made here. Ive been digging into the internet and finding some really interesting things.

I still have my fez Cerbuino bee, which is now legacy apparently. I don’t want to be a whore for attention, but are there any important things ive missed? breakthroughs? did you ever get that super small wifi chip thing to work(I last remember that forum had about 22 pages)?

I cant think of any fez projects yet that I want to start with. basically getting the environment back on my computer is first priority, which will take forever.

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Community and catalog are strongly growing and of course architect is still around helping everyone, along with many other regulars.

The new sdk is greatly improved and the final release is this week.

wait NETMF is going to be completely finished soon? cool! you better still support my legacy Cerbuino bee though, right?

the GHI 2015 release, nothing to do with the core netmf itself.

Cerbs are still supported in the SDK. They’re not going away, although they’re not “mainstream” in the catalog now.