Hey Cortana

Very slick homemade Cortana device:

Love the creativity of using mo-cap along with the “holographic” enclosure. Probably too unwieldy to go commercial, but still very nicely done.

H/T to Windows Central:



Very slick indeed. I’m way impressed. :clap:

Very nice.

Extremely clever HW and SW, and very polished. Wow.

I just got HEY CORTANA to work on my Pi 3 with the latest Windows 10 IoT.

Now need to figure out how I can integrate this with my own applications and do some clever stuff with VS and C#.

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First priority, Hey Cortana, bring me a beer. 8)


There’s a contest for that here in Seattle : [url]https://robothon.org/rules-pop-can-challenge/[/url]

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@ mcalsyn - Industry at work on worthy causes!