Hexapod with FEZ PANDA II

Hello guys,

You can see on youtube my project Hexapod with FEZ Panda II :slight_smile:

Hexapod V1:

Have on board too, compass (HMC5843), gyro (IMU3000) and Accelerometer (adxl345)

Remote control on PC for the moment (Link by Bluetooth)

NO head for the moment, but will come with Ultra sonic range finder (SRF08) and micro wifi video


One image of the heart.

Sorry for the quality, taken with my phone :slight_smile:

You can see,

  • At left, Panda II, of course :slight_smile:
  • At right, Pololu Mini Maestro 24.
  • between both, (with cable red, black, green and purple) converter 3.3V <-> 5V for data between Panda and Mini Maestro
  • Some Servos
  • On the top of the picture, you can see the interface I2C control (compass, gyro and Accelerometer)
  • At the end of the white cable ( you can’t see) the bluetooth module.

-And many wire, what I must clean it :wink:

@ Flid - Very cool project. Nice job! I haven’t ever looked at that Maestro controller before now. Neat product. Something similar would make a very nice Gadgeteer module…

Pololu have nice controllers for servos : Pololu - RC Servo Controllers

But don’t forget, you must have one converter 3.3V ↔ 5V like you can find on sparkfun (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8745) , Mine, is home made :slight_smile:

same for Ultra sonic range finder (SRF08), because the I2C is in 5V and Panda II is in 3.3V

Very cool! That would make an excellent contribution to the codeshare :wink:

The source must be cleaning before to be online…

But all of sensors are already in codeshare :wink:

I’m now in holiday, I will later