Here's a fast square root for you all

float SquareRootFloat(float number)
            int i;
            float x, y;
            const float f = 1.5F;

            x = number * 0.5F;
            y = number;
            i = FloatToInt(y);
            i = 0x5f3759df - (i >> 1);
            y = IntToFloat(i);
            y = y * (f - (x * y * y));
            y = y * (f - (x * y * y));
            return number * y;

        unsafe public static int FloatToInt(float s)
            float* pFloat = &s;
            int* pInt = (int*)pFloat;
            return *pInt;

        unsafe public static float IntToFloat(int s)
            int* pInt = &s;
            float* pFloat = (float*)pInt;
            return *pFloat;

Error compared to Math.Sqrt never seems to be above 0.001 in the range of 0 > 10000. Requires unsafe code for the conversion methods (I assume that’s fine on these boards but can’t try until I get home). Hopefully someone will find this usefull, for me I’m using it for vector normalisation.


Just got in and tried this - crashed the board and after searching, looks like unsafe code is unsupported so don’t use it!

Just the Fast inverse square root algorithm

Thanks for sharing