Helper - Syslog Message Sender

[title]Syslog Message Sender[/title]
This is a tiny class I put together to allow my application to send messages to a syslog server. I didn’t get too elaborate with the logic as I just needed to be able to fire off debug & informational messages from a small network of physical devices and sensors, it gets the job done.

I am currently using syslog-ng as the logging server, though I have tested it with Kiwi Syslog Server as well.

Somehow this is being attributed to GHI, but it has my name in the header :smiley: Do new users need to be approved before my name will appear?


Welcome ot the community David.

I have already forwarded this to our web team.

Thank you Gus, I would assume it is also why I don’t see it in “My Code”?


I do not have an answer myself but the someone will look into it and fix it. No worries.

I appreciate everything. Love the site, community and the entire Fez platform. Thanks again!


I didn’t tell you this, but we are rebuilding the community website altogether :slight_smile: This maybe the cause of some errors.

Gus has a habit of not telling us a lot of things, as you’ll get to see the more you hang around here :slight_smile: