Helper - Handlers to speed up your development (2012-01-07)

[title]Handlers to speed up your development (2012-01-07)[/title]
These handlers were created while writing small applications for my FEZ Spider.
I used them to make my programming follow the idea behind the Gadgeteer,
focus on the goal, and not on trying to figure out how to reach it.

These handlers help you for example by designing prototype console applications without having even to think about how to display your data.
Stop forgetting to check if the SDCard is inserted or not, let the handler check that for you!
Get events by the moving of the joystick.
Hand over the color to an led and stop thinking about its rgb values.

UPDATE 2012-01-07:

  • Ability to set Colors for all LEDs
  • Fix for the GreenBlueSwapped Bug in the new SDK

More handlers will follow on my development, if you are willing to contribute, your welcome. :slight_smile:

Dear Weiti:
Could you please give me an example for writing text on the display using your DisplayHandler class?
I have read your example of JoystickHandler. But I still don’t know how to use the DisplayHandler to show the text.
I add the GadgeteerHandlers.proj and the DisplayHandler.cs and using GadgeteerHandlers in my code.
The error shows" the StringQueue could not be found" in the DisplayHandler.cs .
Thank you very much.

Hi Tzu Hsuan,

did you also took a reference to the StringQueue.cs to your project?

If not, that should solve your problem :slight_smile:

Using the Handler is pretty easy
Just use it like this:

var font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small);
// Instance the DisplayHandler with your connected Display and the Font you would like to use
var displayHandler = new DisplayHandler(display, font);
//Write some text, the second parameter is optional and false by default
// it is used to clear the display
displayHandler.Write("Say Hello Display", true);
displayHandler.Write("Hello Display");