Help with WiFi, Raptor, RN171

I am confused about how to use the RN171. I have coded the example show for the part which used it to run in the access-point or HotSpot mode, and executed it on my Raptor device. I can connect to the WiFi from my Andriod phone, and see the LEDs go green indicating connection. On my phone, I can see the MAC address and IP address. However, on the NETMF device executing the command.

My question is what can I do with a hotspot? I would like to establish a low data rate bidirectional channel between the Raptor and one of the following: a PC connected to a separate router, a laptop, and an android or iOS device.
Specific questions are:

  1. Can I use the HotSpot configuration to connect to a PC via a modem attached to the internet, or do I need a separate model just for this connection
  2. How can I demonstrate the connection, for instance, in Chrome or another application? Ultimately I will need to write a specific app for the PC, but I first need to better understand what can be done.

I know these are quite basic questions, but I am new to WiFi networking at this level, and have spent some time on the net to try to find a good introduction, and HotSpots seems to mostly for connecting to the Internet.


( I see you’re also confused about forum categories too :slight_smile: :wink: This one is for USB controlled devices, AKA Fez Lynx )

A Wifi hotspot in this sense is simply a “dumb” access point, where multiple devices can connect and share the network resources available to it. It does not however create a routing network, so devices can only access the devices on the local network.

I don’t have a RN171 so I’m only basing this from my reading of the module’s page…

Once you have this running and devices connected to it, you can simply serve up web pages from the module to the connected devices, to allow them to transfer data. You can also use TCP connections between the connected device and the mainboard.

So first steps for you, if you use the example code ( ) and browse to it’s IP address and with the correct resource name, for example and you should see the web page rendered.

Hi @ Brett:
Thanks for the answer. I had tried that, but on my phone, I can connect, but using Chrome it does not respond to the url suggested by you and in the code (, but it does not connect giving “this webpage is not available”. On my laptop, it sees the WiFi hotspot, but cannot connect.
I will repost this later, after I have tried a few more things, on the Gadgeteer forum (it was late when I posted) where it should have been posted originally.