Help with software for OneWire sensors

I am trying to write some software to access some sensors on a Maxim 1-Wire bus. The bus is connected to a Windows PC via a DS9490R USB-to-1Wire dongle. I’m trying to write the software in C to be compiled using Visual Studio C++, using the Maxim 1Wire Public Domain API. I’m having some difficulty connecting to the 1Wire bus. Has anyone done this before, and could give me some advice?

The specific question I need answered is when calling the function owAcquire(), what do I have to supply as the port name for the DS9490R? So far I can only get error messages.

Thanks - Rowan

We have used one wire devices but with NETMF boards, not a PC.

You might get an answer for this if you are lucky that someone on here has done this but this forum is for the GHI related NETMF boards or Windows 10 on the Pi.

You might get an answer on a different forum where they cover PC programming.

You are probably right, that this is a Windows specific issue. I looked for a forum following OneWIre issues in Windows, and couldn’t find one. Can you suggest a more specific or more appropriate forum?

Thanks - Rowan

Yes, Maxim Integrated is the mfg, and I have opened a support ticket, but no help yet. I’m still hoping…