Help with character displays

I have this display:
RC1604A-LLH-JWV (it has RW1063 IC)

it has these interfaces:
6800, option SPI / I2C (RW1063 IC)

datasheet is not very clear on how to select which interface (page 33 referring to bonding note on page 10 which does not exist), also it could be the interface is selected as per model number, as there are tons of different model numbers which all use this IC: RW1063

in any case can anyone help me with how to use this or any other character display with TinyCLR, connecting to any of the GHI boards??

Looking at the dataset, you only have parallel pounds to control it. This is a very very old and simple display type with thousands of drivers available.

Here is an example Netduino Day 2: Interfacing a Character LCD | Embedded Lab