Help, Suddenly PC can't find my Spider

when I debug a app, first the display shows white screen. Then I re-insert the USB, Suddenly My PC can’t find my Spider anymore. I reboot my computer and insert the usb many times , the SPIDER still can be find.
How to solve it?

What exactly can’t see it? MFDeploy? Device Manager (good hint: turn on sound so you hear any detection noises)? You might need to help us out more !

MFDeploy and Device Manager don’t see the spider.change the USB port and usb line, all the same.
No detection noises.

Are all the switches on the spider set to off? Towards the reset button.

"Are all the switches on the spider set to off?"
YES,I don’t change it.
I press the reset button many times. The same.

ok, so do you have ALL the devices unplugged from the mainboard? What power module are you using, and how is that powering your device? Do LEDs light up (I don’t have a spider to know what is meant to light up)? Have you tried different USB cables, in case that’s at fault?

The bad news: if it was working before, but stopped working while you were using it, there’s a chance something is broken. What that is, I can’t predict, but the idea is to eliminate as much as possible.

yes,I unplug all modules. I use the USB Client DP Module connect it to PC via usb directly.
The PWR led on spider and USB Client DP Module are light up well. I try different cable and different PC.
The result is the same. I connect the Domino to PC, it can be fund. So my spider has problem.
Should I contact to GHI directly? Because I don’t see the GHI reply me here, so maybe I should contact them directly?

GHI didn’t reply because GHI needs to sleep :slight_smile: it is 7:30am now!

Measure the voltage between reset pin and ground please.

Ha,forgot timezone, where is the ground in the spider?

every socket pin 10 is ground

3.23 V

Set al jumpers on to enter GHI loader, windows should see a COM device, does it?

NO,only COM3 in my computer.

Then maybe the board died! But how.

Please reset your PC and try with a reliable power source.

The same, bad news.
I don’t know how .
But the killer maybe is the T35 ?
When I deploy the camera related app, the T35 shows white screen.
The the debug output shows something, I forgot to write it down.
But I remember few, it shows reboot …, stop to debug…
After I stop, the spider is dead.
So, anything can I do, or send back to GHI?
Am I the only one to kill the spider?

Thousands were shipped with no issues. Please email GHI directly.

WOW! Impressive… Thousands shipped and maybe two dozen people having problems. FEZ!

Yeah 0.1% error in our process and things can get really ugly when you sell thousands :slight_smile:

I was not referring to errors in your process… :slight_smile:

I was impressed that there are thousands of users who we never hear from on the forum. :dance: