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Forum search under Help menu seems maybe an odd place. Out of intuition, I keep looking for search under Forum menu.


Yes, please change that. Or, if you do not want to change it, please add it under forum too.


I think having it in the Help menu is a really good idea. If it gets added to the forum menu, I recommend it stay on the Help menu as well. It is one of the first places someone should go for Help.


on an unrelated topic - well not quite, it’s about how the SEARCH function works once you get there :slight_smile:

is it possible to make it so that once you do a search, using the BACK button on your browser doesn’t clear the search results and you have to re-do the search??


I don’t see a way to search for multiple required terms like memory and address and lines…searching by only one word provides way too many hits. It does not seem like wildcards are supported. Every time I search I got 10-20 pages of hits.

Also, in many cases you just want to search the title.

It IS handy that you can select some “areas” such as Glide, general issues, etc.


Ditto on the inability to search for multiple terms. Is there a way to do this? If not, it is a major requirement–i’m tired of browsing through unrelated postings. Help!