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Help: Port TinyCLR for Cortex M3 - RTL8710AF


Hi Friends,

Currently I’m starting to port RTL8710AF (link to datasheet) it’s an ARM Cortex M3, I have three questions:

  1. Which one is the the best starting point ? Should I start from “Devices/G120” (LPC17) and build new driver implementation in “Targets” folder ?

  2. This is arduino port for RTL8710AF (link to repo), can I get some code/info from this repo to help me create rtl8710af API in “Targets” folder ?

  3. I can’t erase/flash the chip with STLINK V2, it always show message “write out protected”. When I saw this repo - openocd for RLT8710AF, can I use it to flash TinyCLR ?

Thanks :wink:


I’d actually start with the STM32F4. Even though it’s Cortex M4, the differences should be minimal and it’s currently a slightly cleaner port to start with. You’ll need to create a new target for this processor, yes. Then tell your device definition to use it.

Existing working code in other projects can certainly help you get started. You’ll need to adapt it to TinyCLR of course as it has specific expectations.

TinyCLR doesn’t particularly care how it’s flashed. You can use whatever tools you find available. All it requires from you is that you call the few TinyCLR_Startup_* functions. Generally each chip has a manufacturer supported method of flashing a firmware.


let me know when you get progress, because i am developting a STARTING KIT for this MODULE, and it should be good if can be programmed too using C# :slight_smile: