Help. My USB Client DP board just blew up


I have one of your .net gadgeteer starter kits which I have been using
for a couple of weeks with no problem.

Something on the red USB board just started smoking! The power connector
(12V ) was already plugged in and when I plugged in the laptop, something
blew up. I removed the USB connector immediately and the programme on
the board still runs, and the laptop USB port seems fine with other
devices still. I have not dared plug anything in again. I have not used
anything in any way it was not intended to be used.

Please advise.



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Its probably a grounding issue. Could you take a picture of the board and email it to us and we will work on getting you a replacement.

Use the email on here to contact GHI directly please Contact Us – GHI Electronics

Thanks Gus/Steven.