Help me to use USB Bluetooth dongle on EMX to connect to Android phone

can I make a connection with card emx System Development to receive data from the smartphone via Bluetooth dongle.
here is the component

I assume you want to plug the BT dongle to the USB Host connector of your EMX.

Generally this would be possible I think, but you would need to write a ‘driver’ for NETMF to access the dongle.
1st this would be a lot of work and
2nd it would require to have the complete ‘USB’ protocol spec of the dongle, which I a assume is not openly available.

The much more easier way to go is using one of the Gadgeteer BT modules, where there are already drivers for NETMF available:
Make sure your phone BT version is compatible with the module you choose.

The next difficulty would be to actually get data from or to you smartphone.
What exactly do you want to exchange?
do you have your own app on the phone?

I agree, just buy a device suited to this task, don’t try to get a BT USB dongle to work unless you’re a USB guru. Even a $6 HC05 BT module can be easily connected to a UART on a EMX based board and connected to a tablet/phone. Simple examples like HC-05 Bluetooth | Mbed can show how simple this can be.