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Hi everyboby

I work in a sensor netwok company.

We are working on a datalogger design. In older versions we use the microalfat chip to storage data from an ADC in a micro SD card.
Our problem is that we have to extract the microsd card from the datalogger to dowload the data.

We want to read and download the data from the uSD card conneting a usb cable to the datalogger .

My question is about GHI electronics products. Is there any product that alow me to read the microSD card using a USB connetion?

I have seen the USBizi 144 chipset and the FEZ domino pcb. Can I use it for do this?

Thank for all


Yes both a suitable for the problem you have.

USBizi is perfect for your own design and FEZ is just freakin’ easy to use.

You can start with FEZ for prototyping and later switch to USBizi.

Or hire GHI for helping out by the design of your logger. For a professional company it is comfortable , easy and faster than designing by yourself. Especially when you need more functionality


The firmware that lets the FEZ look like a USB storage device to your PC is now in beta testing. GHI says it should be released for general use in the very near future.