HELP ... I need a code for the Gadgeteer Touchscreen (Nano setup)

Hi I’m a new developer and I don’t have much experience, I have a Gadgeteer Kit with a touch screen, USB port, a Nano Mainboard and not much else.

Is there anywhere where I can find assistance on how to use the touchscreen, specificially touch features without other devices?

Are there any simple codes that I could try?

Also how does the Glide GUI work?


Welcome. At the top of your screen you’ll see a menu titled “Downloads and Tutorials”. Start there. Nano mainboards are not made by GHI, so we cannot help much with the specifics of that board. We can help with general questions about the Gadgeteer platform and GHI boards like the Spider, Hydra, Cerberus, etc…

You must be the first one with a Nano board here. Did you download their SDK. It might have some examples.


Sorry for the slow reply, if you have non-ghi related questions feel free to ask on the main .NET Gadgeteer forum :