Help Getting Started

Hello guys, I’m starting my FEZ journey and I saw that Panda II was recently announced and this news got me a little confused about witch one FEZ buy.

Well, I was planning to buy a FEZ mini to get started but when reading the Panda II features I got very excited with them.

Unfortunately I have a assignment to do on the university and my ‘dead-line’ is 18th of march and if I buy today any board that is already for sale I will have almost two weeks more for learn how to do my assignment, otherwise if I pre-order my Panda II I will have to wait two weeks plus export time (I’m brazilian) to get my FEZ.

But you guys can help me by telling me about your “getting-started”. What i have to do is a robot who follows a black line (just like this pacman robot Well it means that I will have to import (or hack my own version) about three hardware component drivers and develop more two or three C# classes. I already have an intermediate experience with C# (I’ve done some assignments and researches using this language) so C# is not the problem, plus, I’ve done an little assignment using PIC in the past. Otherwise, I feel frightened of my dead line because I will have no more than one month to assemble my robot with the fez.

How much time do you spent to learn how to compile, debug and manipulate your first FEZ board? And do you think this time (no more than one month) sufficient supposing I wont have problems with C# language itself?

Other question, do anybody knows how much time is spent to export an item from US to a South America country? (just for refine my calculus hehe)

Well to start a line follower is one of the easiest robots to do. buying the mini robot is good start. It comes with the sensors you need and is easy to put together. If you go with the other option you are looking to do a more custom fabrication job. Putting code and using the board is simple if you know how to plug in usb cord and press f5 in visual studio :>


I wasn’t remembering of FEZ mini robot kit… but I can’t buy the FEZ mini robot kit because the track will have obstacles and ramps… i will need a more robust robot. (i would buy the kit and use just the sensors =P)

Anyway thanks for the clarifying, I liked Panda II and I wish to use it more times on the future.

now all I have to know to can buy is how many time it spends to export.