Help getting started/finding/using TinyCLR libraries in NuGet

Sorry if this is covered someplace already, or if i misunderstand something.

But after following the Getting Started link:

WIth NuGet I was able to find and install the GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Core library…

But then I was not able to find any of the other NuGet libraries that is im aware of from the downloads page:

I search GHI, GHIElectronics, TinyCLR, ect, but all i find is a few old things for Gadgeteer , but none of the others Devices, IO, Pins and things i need…

Now i could download the aforementioned zip and place it in a packages folder, though I thought i should be able to find everything GHI has available.

Am i missing something?

Ok so i figured out what i was doing wrong. I needed to check “Include prerelease”…
thought things were v1.0.0 :wink:

Sorry about the confusion. This is still a preview. You will not need to check that box on the next release.

By the way, you can download the libraries from the download tab on TinyCLR docs but we recommend using the cloud instead.

Your feedback is most welcome.

Surely ‘preview’ is indicted rather clearly. I should have been more careful.

I have ordered my FEZ basic board, and will be creating a system that we can use to automate a few things at my company.
I will mainly be utilizing SPI, gpio, with serial com, and then going to the FEZ wifi version after the proof is established.

Future work will include motor control, likely stepper, and high speed sensor input, with a much more capable board/module.

Id be sure to try and contribute with feedback and a library or 2…

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